I am a sporting man. I always give them a fair chance to get away. - Winston Churchill

[Magna Carta provided] “a system of checks and b Read more
No, no. I stop in Victoria's reign. I could not Read more
My ability to persuade my wife to marry me [was] Read more
The day may dawn when fair play, love for one's Read more
Some people regard private enterprise as a Read more
Hitherto, crowded countries...like the United Read more
No one can understand history without continually Read more
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At this point the march of invention brought a Read more
There is widespread belief throughout the free Read more
We see the crude and corrupt beginnings of a Read more
I have worked very hard with Nehru. I told him he Read more
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It was the nation and the race dwelling all round Read more
The cities are everywhere in decline. Trade Read more
I was very glad when Mr. Attlee described my Read more
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I have lived my life in the House of Commons Read more