I do think unpunctuality is a vile habit, and all my life I have tried to break myself of it. - Winston Churchill

I now began for the first time to envy those Read more
I have no doubt that the Romans planned the Read more
I accumulated in those years so fine a surplus in Read more
I wonder whether any other generation has seen Read more
I had been brought up and trained to have the Read more
Come on now all you young men, all over the world Read more
Never, never, never believe any war will be Read more
You will make all kinds of mistakes; but as long Read more
The truth is that Gandhi-ism and all it stands Read more
I had a feeling once about Mathematics, that I Read more
For 30 years I have watched from a central Read more
Certainly the prolonged education indispensable Read more
I remember, when I was a child, being taken to Read more
In retrospect these years form not only the least Read more
That abject, squalid, shameless avowal...It is a Read more
Thus I got into my bones the essential structure Read more
"Thank God for the French army." When we read Read more
Dominion status can certainly not be attained by Read more