Karren Brady: (On Sanjay's business plan) Alan, it seems more of a whim than a business idea. - The Apprentice (UK)

Ricky Martin: (To Roisin on her CV about being an Read more
Lord Sugar: Katie, you know nothing about running Read more
Mike Soutar: (To Lord Sugar on working with Read more
James Hill: Stop trying to undermine me and stuff Read more
Lord Sugar: Solomon, you are a very intelligent Read more
Mark Wright: (after he is asked who he's bringing Read more
Lord Sugar: Daniel, I don't think we're gonna go Read more
(Felipe becomes tearful up on seeing the advert Read more
Mike Soutar: Are there any other exaggerations Read more
Lauren Riley: You've heard why we failed and none Read more
Ricky Martin: How long have you been a sales Read more
Daniel Lassman: I know you like your football Read more
Mike Soutar: (after hearing Bianca's proposal) So Read more
Lord Sugar: (to James) If Anne Boleyn's neck had Read more
Lord Sugar: (to Dan Callaghan) Get your hands out Read more
(At the end of the internal review, Lord Sugar Read more
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(in the first triple firing (outside the Read more
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