It is a horrible thing to feel all that we possess slipping away. - Pensées

We are fools to depend upon the society of our Read more
Entre nous, et l'enfer ou le ciel, il n'y a que Read more
Le dernier acte est sanglant, quelque belle que Read more
Dungeon.—I approve of not examining the opinion o Read more
Art thou less a slave by being loved and favoured Read more
Atheists.—What reason have they for saying that w Read more
Why is my knowledge limited? Why my stature? Why Read more
If you care but little to know the truth, here is Read more
When I consider the short duration of my life Read more
This is what I see and what troubles me. I look Read more
Let us imagine a number of men in chains, and all Read more
Do you believe it to be impossible that God is Read more
The sensibility of man to trifles, and his Read more
Infinite movement, the point which fills Read more
it is not to be doubted that the duration of Read more
Unity joined to infinity adds nothing to it, no Read more
for those who bring to the task perfect Read more
We know that there is an infinite, and are Read more
But as for those who live without knowing Him and Read more
We know then the existence and nature of the Read more
there are two kinds of people one can call Read more
Bless yourself with holy water, have Masses said Read more