When you do dance, I wish youA wave o' th' sea, that you might ever doNothing but that. - Dance

O give me new figures! I can't go on dancingThe Read more
Oh! if to dance all night, and dress all day Read more
What! the girl I adore by another embraced?What Read more
Ghritachi and Menaka and Rambha and Purvachitti Read more
Such pains, such pleasures now alike are o'er,And Read more
Merrily, merrily whirled the wheels of the Read more
And the dancing has begun now,And the dancers Read more
The most immediate way we experience the universe Read more
Twelve dancers are dancing, and taking no rest Read more
The costumes, I can’t give you exact numbers, b Read more
He who esteems the Virginia reelA bait to draw Read more
We have very precise movements that we have to do Read more
Dear creature!—you'd swearWhen her delicate f Read more
Round they went, a circular procession of dancers Read more